Mentee Spotlight: Troyan Chaney

Troyan ChaneyHow has your experience been at Minds Matter so far?
It’s been super cool. I like meeting the other students. I like my mentors also.

What are your mentors like?
They’re super, super smart. I come to them with things that I’m thinking about, the outside world, or politics, and stuff like that. I can always talk to them about things like that. They also keep me focused. Sometimes I might get off track and they help me see what I’m doing.

What are some of the things they’ve taught you over the past few months?
I’ve learned a lot about setting realistic goals and being a good scholar, and good person. They’re helping me to understand who I want to be in life and how I can get there.

How would you describe Minds Matter to another student who might be interested in the program?
I’d tell them it’s a great program and they should definitely apply. It’ll help you in life and help you look towards the future so that you know what you want to be and what you want to do.

What does a typical Minds Matter Saturday session look like?
Usually you come in around 9:45, you get to speak with the other students for a little bit. After that, the instructors teach writing, SATs, or math depending on the semester. Then, around noon your mentors will come in and you can start talking about college and summer programs. The program provides lunch, stuff like sandwiches and pizza.

How do you feel about Minds Matter?
Minds Matter gives me hope for the future. Like, I see something better for myself. I want go to college. Minds Matter gives me a reason to do well in school. They reinforce that there’s a reason for what I do and who I am.

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