Summer Programs

Summer Programs provide our students with an unparalleled opportunity to experience what it is like to live on a college campus, take university courses, work closely with world-renowned faculty members, earn college credit, explore majors and much more. Students select courses that include: business, computer science, engineering, law, environmental studies, medicine, science, math, writing, and more.
In 2011, our students gained admission to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, including Brown University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University and many more!

Academic Programs

Our young professional volunteers work with our talented students on Saturdays during the school year to help them improve their academic skills, gain acceptance to college summer programs, and eventually gain admission to a four-year university. Under the close direction of our Dean’s Office to guarantee cooperation amongst all branches of academic affairs in achieving our specific goals and long-term mission, Minds Matter of Cleveland has implemented several rigorous academic programs. Likewise, our volunteer-to-student ratio of nearly 3-to-1 affords prompt, thorough, and customized feedback from a close-knit team of instructors, tutors, and expert writing councilors committed to academic excellence.

Writing & Critical Thinking Program: + 63% Improvement

Our Writing & Critical Thinking Program is an innovative and rigorous course of study designed to enhance verbal, written, and critical reasoning skills for our sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Directed, designed, and implemented by our deans, Cleveland’s unique curriculum systematically targets argument deconstruction and delivery, stylistic and grammatical fluency, semantic accuracy, thesis research and development, and academic paper preparation. Students are required to complete online examinations licensed through the Foundation for Critical Thinking, submit weekly written assignments, develop papers for national essay competitions, engage in debates on current affairs, critique audio-visual materials, and develop oral presentation skills. Upon the completion of the program each fall, students receive ongoing written guidance from the Minds Matter Writing Council whose expert writing counselors ensure students employ the skills they have learned to produce highly competitive essays for summer program applications.